Conducting property owners’ meetings

  • Preparing, convening, conducting and documenting ordinary and special property owners’ meetings, which includes forwarding the meeting minutes to the property owners and managing the collection of decisions
  • Implementing property owners’ decisions and agreements

General support services

  • Participating in management advisory board meetings (if desired) even outside normal office hours
  • Managing all correspondence connected to the property owners’ association
  • Procuring, inspecting, compiling or recovering missing administrative documents that are not provided when taking over the management of the agreement

Contract management

  • Examining and advising on the necessity and suitability of property-related contractual agreements
  • Terminating, amending, extending or cancelling of all contractual agreements that are necessary and appropriate for proper management, including the invitation to tender
  • Monitoring the proper execution of contractual agreements

Financial and asset management

  • Examining and compiling accounting records or annual accounts, even for periods administered by a third party
  • Monitoring property owners’ payment obligations and compliance with the business plan, in addition to monitoring the punctual payment of all liabilities of the property owners’ association
  • Proper management of maintenance reserves
  • Participating in the audit of accounts through the management advisory board
  • Issuing reminders and enforcement for outstanding housing assistance, special cost allocations, maintenance reserves and other claims of the property owners’ association
  • Financial reporting during the fiscal year beyond the annual account
  • Compiling accounts and supplying the information that a property owner requires for the accounting of additional costs with his/her tenants or third parties

Technical management

  • Monitoring the structural condition of the common property
  • Advising on the necessity of adopting maintenance measures
  • Obtaining cost estimates for maintenance measures and contracting based on the decision-making of the property owners
  • Supervising and inspecting the work and audit of accounts

Representation of the property owners’ association

  • Implementing the measures required for meeting a deadline or avoiding other legal penalties
  • Representation in connection with public law matters and legal procedures
  • Arbitration of disagreements within the property owners’ association and vis-à-vis third parties