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Portfolio management

Our portfolio management encompasses many areas.  All are oriented to our goal of making the greatest possible contribution to the corporate value chain.

Our services at a glance:

Commercial management sector

  • Representation of the owner's rights towards all authorities, including suppliers, craftsmen as well as tenants and leaseholders
  • Account management including investment of funds without account management fees
  • Monitoring and administration of rent payments as well as reminders (out of court and in court)
  • Complete IT based processing and proper bookkeeping
  • Payment of operating costs
  • Allocation and settlement of additional rental costs with processing of objections
  • In the event of a change of tenant: acceptance and handover of the rental property, preparation of protocols and, if necessary, settlement of the rent deposit
  • Full tenant support
  • Establishment and monitoring of house rules
  • Securing the agreed rental deposits and their administration
  • Preparation of economic evaluations (optimization of expenses and income)
  • Professional new leasing including tenant search also in cooperation with brokers

Technical management sector

  • Supervision and acceptance of maintenance, renewal and refurbishment services as well as handling of damage cases, also in cooperation with experts
  • Monitoring and ensuring compliance with building regulations and other safety requirements
  • Commissioning third parties to organize and monitor compliance with traffic safety requirements
  • Independent awarding of contracts within the scope of contractual authorization
  • Maintenance of a warranty calendar and monitoring of warranty periods
  • Conclusion and termination of maintenance and service contracts
  • Contract administration and review
  • Monitoring the activities of the aforementioned persons with regard to the object covered by the contract
  • regular documented inspections of the object

Documentation sector

  • monthly accounting settlement of receipts and expenditures
  • quarterly reporting on activities and special events related to the management object
  • written, verbal and telephone communication

Contact person

Nicole Herschmann

Real estate specialist, real estate economist (wbs), authorized signatory